Our Programmes

Joyeux offers in-person programmes across Singapore, and remote learning available across Kuala Lumpur and the wider Malaysia area.

Depending on your location and the nature of the issue you’d like us to help you with, there are several programme options available to you.

Here is an overview of how to access our programmes, including our consultation process along with the options for how our services can be delivered. If you’re unsure of what would be the best programme option for your child or for you as a parent, please contact us so we can advise on the most appropriate solution.


Step One: Assessing Your Child’s Needs

Before we agree on a particular programme type, we first need to understand the specific challenges your child or you as a family are experiencing. We’ll do this by meeting with you or your child in person or remotely. We will use our professional frameworks to respond to our findings, which will guide our treatment options. We can then arrange a way forward to begin the process.

Screening Session

After contacting us, we’ll set up an initial discussion with you through a screening session.
The purpose of a screening session is to gain a brief overview of the challenges you’d like us to help you with as Early Interventionists and Educational Therapists. At this point, we will let you know if we are best placed to assist you, and if so, what the next steps will be.

Home Interview

We’ll conduct a home visit, which will allow us to gain a better insight into the child’s daily routine within the home environment.
Alternatively, we can also visit the school environment. From there, we'll create an Individualised Education Plan (IEP). In either scenario, a collaborative effort from both the therapist and the parents are required to ensure the best chance of success.

Parent Consultation

As a parent of a child who is struggling with any aspect of their learning or development, we know it can be an anxious and frustrating experience.
We work with parents to help them best understand how to help their child through giving consultations, as well as utilising various teaching methods and materials within the home environment.

Step Two: Choosing A Programme Type

Once we’ve gotten to know you and your child, there are a number of different ways we can deliver our services. This includes one to one sessions, remote distance learning, group therapy and much more.

There may be several factors which influence which programme may be most suitable, so we’ll always be happy to guide you to ensure your child receives the correct support.

Private Intervention Sessions

Our private intervention sessions allow us to work with your child on a one to one basis, which can be incredibly beneficial in helping them to make progress.
We strongly encourage parents to join in with the sessions, whereby activities or learning tasks will be given based on the child’s learning needs.

Small Group Intervention

Positive outcomes have been observed through small group intervention sessions.
In particular, small group therapy helps children with special needs acquire skills in social interaction, social skills, play skills, social communication, etc. Also, it provides a great opportunity for parents to engage with other parents and build connections.

Distance Learning Sessions

For any children not local to us in Singapore, we can offer distance learning (remote) sessions.
As with our in-person sessions, we will customise the content of the sessions to help your child with their specific needs. To ensure the best outcome for distance learning sessions, we recommend parents designate a specific space in the home that the child can use for learning. Parents are also encouraged to join in with the session.

School Visitation

If your child is struggling in a preschool setting, our Educational Therapist can provide strategies and resources to the teachers in order to better support your child in a mainstream setting.
Having your child better supported at school offers the best learning outcomes as they develop, and can also help them to gain confidence in any areas they are struggling in.

Parent Coaching

We know how tough it can be to be a parent or caregiver of a child who is struggling with any aspect of their learning or development - especially without the right guidance and support.
Joyeux offers parent coaching to support parents by providing tools and strategies that will facilitate the best outcome for the child and the wider family. Our parental coaching can be accessed in person or remotely by video call.

Home-Based Intervention Programme

Home-based intervention is used to aid children who need extra support in developmental needs to learn essential skills to be independent at home and in the community.

It is beneficial because it provides support during difficult times in the children’s life, which may not always be possible through clinical care. Furthermore, the interventionist is able to assess the environment of the home so that it is conducive to learning. The children also have the opportunity to have a more personal relationship with their therapists.

Home-based intervention is also an effective approach to reach parents and children in their natural environment. The approach also helps identify the social and emotional needs of the children. In addition, children’s family members get the opportunity to learn how to facilitate the intervention by gaining an awareness of the issue and the type of assistance required. This will provide a safe environment and improve the quality of life of young children with special needs and their families.

Our ultimate goal with home based intervention is to help your child to be independent in future.

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