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Early Intervention & Educational Therapy Services For Children With Special Needs

Joyeux identifies and provides effective early support to children and young people with special needs. Our focus is on encouraging better outcomes for children in terms of their overall development and wellbeing.

Offering private home-based intervention, distance learning, parental coaching, small group intervention and school visitations, Joyeux works with children and parents across Singapore and Malaysia.

Supporting Children With Disabilities And Special Needs

We fully appreciate that the world can be a confusing, frightening place for children with any kind of special need, developmental delay or disability. Additional help is needed to support the child, their parents and teachers with the specific challenges that child may face to encourage the best possible outcome for their development.

With over a decade of experience in educational therapy and early intervention, Joyeux is passionate in helping children with special educational needs to reach their potential. We base our ethos on kindness and patience, with our ultimate goal being to encourage independence for your child in the future.

What Our Clients Have Said About Us

Over the last decade, we’ve worked with children across Southeast Asia in a variety of settings including home-based learning, group sessions and remote learning. Here are a handful of testimonials that have been kindly provided by our clients.

Message From Our Founders

“With Joyeux, you can always have hope, trust, and joy. Remember that we are always here to be your listener, your supporter, your coach and guide in supporting your child with special needs in your comfort zone."
Jiarou Ooi
Joyeux Founder
"With physical teaching and E-learning as well as the input from our expert therapist, I believe the entire concept will help our kids to grow effectively and leave no one behind in this new world of technology."
ES Chan
Joyeux Co-Founder

Make An Immediate Impact On Children With Special Needs - The Journey Starts Today

We believe the sooner children receive the help they need with whatever learning or development challenges they are facing, the better their outcome will be. For any parent, caregiver or teacher who requires support for a child with additional needs, we encourage you to give us a call today to start the process.