Educational Therapy

A school environment is designed to give children all of the skills they need to learn and grow, and ultimately thrive as they mature into adulthood. However, the learning experience is not the same for all children, especially if a child has any learning or development difficulties that are preventing them from learning efficiently.

While teachers and parents will aim to help, sometimes specialist support is needed in the form of Educational Therapy, and this is one of our core services here at Joyeux. Using research-based techniques that have proven to be successful, Educational Therapists give children the individual attention they need which often just isn’t possible within a general classroom setting.

There are lots of ways we can help children, their parents and teachers to facilitate the best learning outcomes for a child who may be struggling with their education.

We will begin the process by ascertaining why the child is having a difficult time learning. Doing so will allow us to come up with the most appropriate plan of action based on the child’s specific needs and challenges. Ongoing support will then be provided for as long as is required.


How My Child Can Benefit From Educational Therapy

  • Educational Therapists give individual attention to children beyond the level teachers can provide
  • Children can quickly receive the support they need, helping to promote better outcomes throughout their lives
  • Children gain a better understanding of their strengths and learn how to best advocate for themselves
  • Better collaboration across all parties involved in the education or care of the child
  • Educational Therapy may reduce the need for ongoing support later in the child’s education or adult life
  • Joyeux Educational Therapy can be provided to children in a number of different formats

Early Intervention FAQs

For anyone who is unfamiliar with our work as Educational Therapists, the term ‘Educational Therapy’ may seem confusing. The easiest way to understand what the role of an Educational Therapist is is to break these terms down into ‘education’ and ‘therapy’.

When someone is in therapy, the aim is to gain skills that help to eradicate any unhelpful habits or traits that are preventing them from reaching their goals. The premise of Educational Therapy is much the same, only it is based within the realms of education.

In essence, Educational Therapists work with children within an educational environment, to help them with any challenges they are facing in their learning.

Ultimately, the goal of Early Intervention is to empower parents and their children through tools and techniques that will help them overcome or best manage any challenges they are experiencing within their learning or development, and to provide the best possible foundation for the child’s future progress.

Educational Therapy can be beneficial in a wide range of scenarios, including for children who:

  • Have any learning difficulty or disability
  • Struggle to communicate
  • Struggle to read or write properly
  • Have math anxiety
  • Have a poor attention span
  • Have poor organisation skills
  • Have poor social skills
  • Have experienced life difficulties that have affected their ability to learn

Both Educational Therapists and tutors can be helpful in tackling any areas of concern within a child’s educational progress. However, there are some key differences to be aware of.

As Educational Therapists, we gain a broad understanding of how a child’s brain processes information, which helps us apply the correct strategies and techniques to help a child overcome or best manage the specific issues they are experiencing.
Tutors can have varying educational backgrounds and tend to specialise in a subject itself, rather than learning difficulties or challenges which may be the cause behind why a child is struggling with that subject.

For any parents or teachers unsure whether an Educational Therapist or a tutor would offer the most benefit for their child, please contact us so we can advise you based on the challenges your child is experiencing.

Educational Therapy

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