Handwriting Intervention

As a skill that will be needed throughout their life, it is important that children are able to write clearly and with confidence. However, some children struggle with handwriting due to several causes which can include a lack of core strength, a lack of fine finger movements, or a general learning impairment.

Our role as Handwriting Specialists is to identify why your child is struggling with any aspect of their handwriting, whether this is related to legibility, neatness, comfort, pencil grip, pencil pressure, speed or a general lack of enjoyment.


Depending on the issue your child is experiencing, there are lots of techniques we can use to boost their progression and overall confidence. This includes the use of a weighted pencil grip, which can be very effective for children on the spectrum as just one example.


How My Child Can Benefit from Handwriting Intervention

  • Enhances visual motor integration and visual perception
  • Encourages writing independence in children and the development of a mature pencil grip
  • Improving fine motor planning and motor coordination
  • Increasing core stability and postural control
  • To build finger strength, eye hand coordination, wrist movement and grip strength
  • Facilitating children in improving letter recognition and reading abilities
  • Allows children to have the opportunities acquire emerging literacy skills like print concepts, phonological awareness, phonics, etc.

Handwriting Intervention FAQs

A Level 1 Certified Handwriting Without Tears® (HWT) specialist teaches children handwriting by using the HWT curriculum through multi-sensory materials and techniques. A HWT Specialist is qualified to formally assess a child’s printing and create an individualized remediation handwriting plan for each child assessed.

No! Handwriting instruction is benefits to ALL children of varying abilities. This is an additional support that can be provided to students who are having difficulty with their
handwriting skills. Due to a lack of good instruction, some children easily get wrong track by developing an inefficient pencil grip or forming their letters from bottom to top.

We offer personalised handwriting instruction for preschool through elementary age children from pre-handwriting to printing letters. In order to meet the individual needs of children, we utilise the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, which employs entertaining, multi-sensory techniques, and research-based methods to help children develop skills and form letters.

It is appropriate to refer children to a HWT specialist if they:

  • Have developed an inefficient pencil grip
  • Have not developed hand dominance by Kindergarten age
  • Falling behind his or her peers in school handwriting tasks
  • Have reversal letters after the first grade?
  • Have poor handwriting skills that make it difficult for others to read
  • Struggle to execute controlled handwritten work automatically

Handwriting Specialist

Are you looking for a handwriting specialist in Singapore or the wider Malaysia area? Joyeux offers professional and trained Handwriting Specialists who can determine what foundation skills are causing his or her handwriting difficulties and develop an individualised remediation program to correct the underlying cause.
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