Ciaran, M

Carol has been pivotal in Ciaran’s literacy intervention since we discovered his dyslexia when he was in K1.

As worried parents who didn’t know how to support our child back then, Carol was very assuring when she explained the recommended intervention tools she was using. We started off with twice weekly sessions of social skills and literacy.

Ciaran’s literacy and writing has improved by leaps and bounds these past 2 years.

He is so much more confident now and does not avoid his letters. He has enjoyed Carol’s sessions, which I can see is personalised and tailored to his personality as a shy person. Her patient and meticulous methods have led him to open up and be more ready to learn.

This type of personalised one-on-one sessions is what led to the success of Ciaran’s much improved literacy and writing. command of the English language. Thank you Carol for your patience and guidance.