Joshua, C

Carol has been providing one-on-one home educational therapy. Within a short period of 6 months, we have seen a huge improvement in our boy’s literacy. The programme not just helped him but also equipped us with the know-how to self-help during our own time. Carol will often lend us some little gadgets and toys for us to spend our own time to work with him. The session progress report also help us to understand and keep track of his progress.

Carol provides a holistic programme and it has helped my boy with many aspects of his literacy. She customises the programme based on his needs and the pace was frequently adjusted along the way with more time spent on topics he struggles with. Frequent recaps will test on his retention and topics are revisited if required. Besides reading and writing skills, Carol also works on my boy’s behavior issues and social skills like emotion management and turning taking. She also provided many handy visual guides to continually reinforce the learnings outside of the lesson.

One of the key tools used was “Jolly Phonics” was used to build Joshua’s reading foundation. A fair amount of time was focused on his handwriting using “Handwriting without Tears”. It was especially useful in helping him master his small letters and differentiating between the confusing letters.