Joshua, O

We met Jiarou 5 months ago, and we instantly felt a sense of comfort with this dedicated and loving therapist. She was patience with listening to our requirements and attentive to hear what was unspoken. Carol gave us the assurance as she looks into fine details and did not rush through and identify areas of current and potential future concerns. I’m thankful that my son embarked smoothly in the intervention journey with her within a few lessons.

I like Jiarou’s ability of customizing the program based on the individual needs of the child. She also believed in empowering the parents to continue to work with the child after every session. Through sharing with us, she has taught us a lot about our son’s sensory needs. She also provided many different techniques and resources to help my son overcome his struggles. Frequently, she will go the extra miles to suggest new activities to help him improve his literacy and social skills.

With Jiarou constant support and encouragement, we saw a significant progress on my son’s sensory struggles, social and language skills within this short period of time. I am delighted to see my son’s rapid improvement and I am looking forward to more breakthroughs.