Jowell, L

Jowell was diagnosed with absence epilepsy 3years back when he was 2years old. Last year, we went for KKH child development checkup and received feedback that he was slow in learning in term of literacy areas. I wanted to get some immediate professional help to support Jowell’s learning. Thank god I chanced upon therapist Carol contact over at Kiasuparent website.

We have worked with her for almost a year. Jowell have shown a lot of improvement in his literacy. Carol was patient with him. She will come up with new ideas to engage him in each session. Apart than literacy, she also introduced some topics on social skills. She shows a lot of flexibility in her teaching. She is very positive to accept feedback from me and adjust the scope of lesson. I have also learnt a lot of multi-sensory teaching methods from her. These methods were very effective on coaching Jowell. I would like to recommend her service to other parents.